IMM School Sports Hall

SPORTS FACILITIES OF SCHOOLS OF IMM (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality)

118 sport facilities out of 143 sports facilities of schools commissioned by being constructed onto the gardens of schools by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality initially allows students to perform physical training and sports activities and also is offered to neighboring community and neighboring sports clubs besides the school hours and in holidays (including Saturday and Sunday).

In school hours, approximately 200 thousand students study physical education and perform sports activities in these facilities. More than 700 school sports teams in various age groups train and compete in these facilities. There are 15.870 licensed sportsmen and sportswomen in team sports and 218 licensed sportsmen and sportswomen in individual sports as of today. In addition, 395 handicapped citizens have been benefitting from the Sports Facilities of Schools. The number of people who attend to sports activities in séances in the facilities for healthy and energetic living is approximately 125 thousand monthly.

As a result of these works which receive appreciation and admiration as an important project to raise the talents of the future in sports 2 school teams were ranked among the top three in Europe and the World, 28 school team were ranked among the top three in Turkey and 94 school team were ranked among the top three in province level on the year of 2011.

The participators perform sports activities in branches of Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Fitness, Badminton, Boxing, Handball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Step-Aerobics, Folk Dance, Chess, Judo, Taekwondo, Karate, Pilates, Wrestling, Track and Field, Kick Box, Foot Tennis and Korfball under the supervision of 184 expert trainers who graduated from physical training and sports college. The schools’ sports facilities constructed onto the gardens of schools with the huge investment of Metropolitan Municipality on the year of 2005; have been serving with the cooperation with Provincial National Education Directorate since the year of 2006. Thanks to making the Schools’ Sports Facilities real; our children and juveniles have more qualifies physical training courses in modern, fully equipped and clean facilities. The children and juveniles have supports to improve their physical and mental health and self-confidence with the services offered in sports facilities of schools and modern sports understanding. The works realized by the purpose of creating a community which is healthy and loves sports by providing citizens of Istanbul to perform sports activities have provided an important infrastructure contribution to the sports in Turkey. We aim to evaluate and guide the sportive talents of the children in works performed in Sports Facilities of Schools and bring them into the sports in Turkey.