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One of the most significant investment fields in order to turn Istanbul, which is the face and window of Turkey to the world, into a universal value is sport.

Sport has the power of uniting people from different cultural backgrounds by establishing a bridge between different worlds. Therefore, it is an indispensable achievement for Istanbul to create a healthy and energetic community who by regularly doing sport and by improving the sporting culture to serve the nations sport by nurturing the talents of tomorrow with investments in facilitıes in the sports field.

In Istanbul, there are currently 186 football pitches, 83 sports halls, 60 swimming pools, 11 camp and training centers, 137 tennis courts in a total of around 300 sports facilities, 196 of which are local, 63 national and 36 international levels, with 28 of them under construction. In addition, nearly 600 artificial football pitches are occupied with sport lovers every hour of the day.

Again under the pioneering leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality, in the public parks, gardens, recreational areas as well as the coastlines;

659 playground equipped for kids, 4502 outdoor fitness areas with apparatus on 468 points for adults, 231 basketball & volleyball courts, 70 football pitches a total of 72,635 meters walking and running tracks in appropriate locations, 13 ennis courts and 2 chess playgrounds as well as 47,553 meters cycle track in appropriate
sites are provided for the service of Istanbul citizens. Our City’s Local municipalities also provide the Istanbul citizens with the opportunities of doing sport for recreational purposes in sport areas built in the public parks, gardens and recreational areas of many districts regardless of its population.

Thanks to the sustainable services rendered at high standards which are realized with the investments of Local municipalities under the leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, sport is made accessible to the citizens living even at the farthest locations of the city to ensure participation of maximum number of Istanbul citizens as much as possible. For instance, our Directorate of Youth and Sports, under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, as well as Sport Events General Directorate and Sports Club, subsidiaries of our municipality, provide sports activities annually to an average of 7.2 million citizens in their grounds, halls and parks, gardens and recreational areas, as well as including beaches for the performance of sport and therefore making record breaking achievements among the local governments, which increases our happiness.

The total investment in the last 9 years for sports and athletes by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality including sports facilities is more than 1.5 billion Turkish Liras.

2,735,329 students of the primary, secondary and higher schools in Istanbul find the opportunities of doing sports in around 800 large and small school halls built with a view to create and develop a sporting culture. There are 41,285 registered athletes in 21 sports
branches of such schools. Since these athletes are important in terms of building blocks for the creation of the sport community of tomorrow, 143 of these 800 school halls are built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and provide services to students, athletes and the general public.

In addition to school sports halls, 39 Local municipalities of Istanbul individually organizes summer and winter sport schools covering all branches from Football to Wrestling, Basketball to Swimming, Table Tennis to Defense Sports and thus provides children and the youth with the opportunities of starting sports at an early age under the supervision of professional trainers.

Completely under the forward thinking of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and with the contribution by Local municipalities, logistical support is provided to Amateur Sports Clubs and Schools by means of aiding various tools-equipments and sport materials to grow the talents of tomorrow.

Works in 57 branches of 3,755 sports club in Istanbul which hosts a total of 383,264 registered athletes build the grounds for important services aimed at developing youth. Has been set up by spreading sport at grass root levels with a view to encourage future champions in Local, National and İnternational sports in Europe, the World and Olympics, which will eventually take the Turkish sports a step forward. 21,659 competitions organized in different age categories across all the sports branches during 2012 enabled athletes to gain competition experience. When all these facts are taken into consideration, it is not surprising that Istanbul is the first city that springs to mind for National and International Competitions and organization. Istanbul is now a center of attraction and the favorite city for sports.

In addition to the performance sport activities of registered athletes of our active amateur and professional sports clubs, when we also consider the promising athlete screening and other sports activities, notably of sports schools, it is very evident that many events in this area take place in Istanbul. The sports events of the non-governmental organizations, other public institutions, agencies and people take place in a substantial number. When we also consider the fact of increasing number of the indoor and outdoor sports areas within the modern building complexes arising along with the urbanization as well as increasing number of people doing sports, the size of the sports volume in Istanbul again becomes evident.

In this Sport Inventory which demonstrates the sporting identity of Istanbul after having assuming the title of European Capital of Sport;

The details are compiled from all the sports facilities within the Istanbul,(except for sports halls in the military), building complexes, hotels, shopping malls and streets and sport facilities within the social, cultural and educational yards as well as outdoor sports areas in the public park, garden and recreational areas.

The current names of sports facilities included in the inventory are evaluated under four categories such as sports complexes, sports facilities, stadiums and camping & training centers in scales of small-medium and large.

With on-site surveys, they are classified as international, national and local facilities by considering the current physical structure of the buildings as well as social and sports areas.

Sports halls, swimming pools, football pitches, and sports facilities regarding other branches are indicated separately on the sports map of the town. Even names and numbers of all the small and large artificial
football pitches are provided in this inventory, which are currently operational in Istanbul.

Licensed sports clubs which were operational in Istanbul in 2012 and details on active branches of these clubs are provided location by location. Also, you can access all active sports clubs, the number of their athletes in terms of sports branch as well as related statistical figures.

Moreover, the statistical figures on the numbers of students and sports facilities (as facility and hall) of the primary, secondary and higher schools according to the surface area and population of Istanbul are given in this inventory.

Since 1994, Istanbul has transformed into one of the cities which spring into mind for the İnternational Tournaments, Sports Organizations and Championships, all thanks to the sports investments handled with a different understanding and perspective under the pioneering Metropolitan Municipality. The name of the Istanbul which assumed deservedly the titles of 2010 European Capital of Culture and 2012 European Capital of Sports is associated with the Capital of the World in the international arena;

All we expect and hope that Istanbul will be crowned with the
Olympic flame by hosting the Olympics and Paralympic Games.

Department of Support Services
Directorate of Youth and Sports