About Sports Inventory
Istanbul is among the distinguished cities around the globe with a population of around 15 millions in 39 districts on a settlement area of 5,461 km2. With its unique history and cultural legacy, geography bridging 2 continents and all its
splendid natural beauty, Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished symbolic cities in Europe and around the globe.

As a result of efforts since 1994 in order to reinforce further the city’s historically collective identity and enhance
the urban life quality, Istanbul was awarded with the title of the 2010 European Capital of Culture. Now, the city enjoys the justified pride of being awarded with the title of the 2012 European Capital of Sport thanks to the projects managed to create a healthy and energetic society with sophisticated sport culture and with the habit of regular sport practice, and to successful implementation of largescale national and international sports organizations.

With the national and international organizations/activities implemented with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan
Municipality which contributed an investment of over 1 billion Turkish Liras in the last 8 years, The City gained the
identity of a City of sport.

Istanbul has become rich in sports facilities with the sports investments and contributions under the pioneering of
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality by District Municipalities, Special Provincial Administration, Governmental Authorities and agencies, University and School Administrations, Sports clubs, other authorized institutions and corporations While the most important return of the facility investment is healthy generations, new organizations were also introduced to the City thanks to the facilities built.

By this means, European and World championships as well as international competitions are organized in Istanbul one
after the other, such as Final of UEFA Championship League, Formula 1, Motor GP, the World Basketball Championship,
the World Wrestling Championship, the European and World Short-Course Swimming Championships as well as annual
Intercontinental Eurasia Marathon.

Since access to sports is a universal right, it is an indispensable necessity to increase the number of modern, comfortable and well-equipped facilities across all the districts of Istanbul in order to train the talented future sportspeople with a view to increase the number of successful athletes in Europe, World and International Championships as well as in order to provide access for city-dwellers of every age and social background including the disadvantaged groups to do sport and popularize the sporting lifestyle under different approaches and projects.

New facilities and solutions are necessary, which will be developed by taking into account the different needs of all branches of the sport from Chess to Table Tennis, Ice Hockey to Golf, Sailing to Skiing. As well as the demands and
suggestions of the public by keeping the user satisfaction in mind.

One of the basic grounds in order to ensure a necessityfocused healthy sport planning for Istanbul is the inventory
of active and passive registered athletes in various branches of the sports clubs, both amateur and professional, as well as of the current situation of various sports facilities owned by municipalities, sports clubs and other public and private people.

In order to discuss how and by what means facility investments, which meet the criteria of Olympics, will be made in collaboration with all the stakeholders and in order to develop the future sports projects of Istanbul, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality launched and completed the project “ Istanbul Sports Inventory-2012” with a scope and extent which will be a guide to the sports planning.

Also, the Sports Inventory of Istanbul, a melting pot of cultures as well as the meeting point of continents, is devised to become a giant databank.

“Istanbul Sports Inventory-2012” is furthermore a source developed to facilitate access to information on available
sport facilities and branches by every child and individual dweller of this City according to their districts, interest
areas, skills, etc.

Sports Inventory which is developed for the first time by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as a result of a dedicated
diligent field survey also targets at keeping current all details of the facilities in training, cultural, recreational and
sports aspects as well as the numbers of club and athletes by updating them every year.

The next challenge ahead of Istanbul who has already gained the title of “2012 European Capital of Sport” under the
leadership of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is to host the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, which will make
substantial contributions in the organizing country in social, political, sporting, cultural, economic and promotional

Continuing its efforts in order to host Olympic and Paralympic Games in Istanbul, the meeting point of religions, nations, cultures, histories and continents, as Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we are very happy to present such a detailed inventory of Istanbul.